Relationship Services

Relationship Focused Services Offered at The NEST

Discernment Counseling: Often times when a couple reaches the crisis point in their marriage where divorce is on the table, one partner believes that divorce is the only solution while the other would like to attempt to repair the relationship.  Or, both partners may be considering divorce but are not sure it’s the right path. This is when Discernment Counseling can be helpful.  Discernment Counseling is different from traditional marital therapy in that its intention is not to improve the relationship. Instead both members of the couple are encouraged to take a look at the marriage and thoughtfully decide whether to attempt to repair it or break up. This is done working with a counselor specifically trained in Discernment Counseling. Email or go to for more information.

Affairs and Infidelity: When an affair is experienced in a relationship many difficult emotions, questions and fears arise. Work with a counselor who has experience being with couples through this difficult time. Counseling can help individual, and couple growth and healing. Talk individually and as a couple in a safe and empathetic place.

Couples Counseling with One Client: Sometimes only one member of a couple is at a point where they would like to pursue counseling to improve or better understand their relationship. Change and insight will still be gained in session when you discuss problems with an experienced marriage counselor.

Polyamory and Non-Monogamous Couples: Relationship counselors at the Nest have experience working with those in polyamorous and non-monogamous relationships. Unique issues can arise in these relationships and counseling can help to increase communication and understanding.

Low and No Sex Couples: Longing to feel desire or desired in your marriage? Therapy sessions  with an experienced couples therapist regarding emotional, sexual and relationship issues interfering in your romantic life can help to improve connection. A therapist can offer suggestions in a safe space and help you both to talk together and find create new patterns.

GLBTQIA Couples: Therapists at the Nest support and affirm all couples. Talk with a clinician regarding concerns related to gender and sexual expression in an understanding and open environment.

PREPARE/ENRICH Assessment and Follow Up: In working with a trained facilitator, you and your partner will complete the relationship assessment tool that over 3 million couples have taken. This includes 12 relationship scales, 5 personality scales, 4 couple and family scales, 4 relationship dynamic scales and 30 customizable scales. Your results will then be interpreted and shared with you, and the counselor will use the PREPRE/ENRICH curriculum and other resources to support you in affirming your strengths and improving your growth areas. Email or go to for more information.

Emotional Focused Therapy: An Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) trained therapist will work with couples to develop connection and understanding while identifying underlying emotions in order to increase closeness and attachment. This form of therapy has been shown effective at repairing relationships and increasing emotional intimacy. Email or visit for more information.

Parenting Together Support: Parenting is a roller coaster up wonderful hi’s and terrifying low’s. These are made all the more difficult when you and your partner do not feel like you’re communicating and working together in parenting. Talk with a therapist who has expertise working with youth and couples. You can gain understanding, share concerns in a neutral environment and learn parenting strategies to use at home together.

Transition to Retirement: Kids are launched? Retirement party done? What does this mean for your marriage? Having guided conversations regarding hopes, dreams and fears for the next life stage can bring you as a couple closer together, help you understand each other and develop plans together.

Grief and Loss: Miscarriage, stillbirth or the death of a child is a traumatic event. This loss can put a lot of strain on your marriage. Work with a therapist who specializes in seeing individuals and couples through this difficult time.

Infertility Stress: Difficulty conceiving can zap sexual desire and put stress on any couples communication, closeness and stability. Therapy can help bring you back together with strategies and conversations supporting you as a couple as well as each of your individual needs.